Hi! I'm Jennifer, aka Jenithea. I'm an artist and designer living in the Pacific Northwest (near Seattle, WA). I paint, draw, design fabric, carve linoleum block prints, create altered-art dolls, make jewelry, design and sew costumes, accessories, and clothing, and so forth. I love trying out new media, learning new skills, and experimenting with various styles and combinations of materials. You can see some examples of my work on Art of Where, RedBubble, Spoonflower, and Etsy.

My professional background is in content development, design, and project management, and I have many years of experience working in high tech. I do graphic design, web/UX design, website management, content management, and program management with a focus on content and design.

To see some examples of my artwork or review my professional portfolio, please click on the thumbnails on the right. You can also use the handy icon bar at the bottom of this page to connect with me in various ways.

I also created this randomized art and poetry gallery a long time ago, just for fun. The art and poetry aren't mine, they're just images and poems I like, and I enjoy seeing what fortuitous or ludicrous connections are made when I toss them together. I hope you like it, too.

Thanks for visiting!